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MyTESY app is here!

Monitor your appliance and save energy via Internet control

LivEco Cloud with AirSafe comes with easy and intuitive Internet control and with our innovative solution for better air hygiene - AirSafe, which exterminates 98% of viruses and bacteria. The slim elegant design of the model makes it suitable for any interior and taste.

LivEco Cloud

with AirSafe

LivEco Cloud

LivEco Cloud can be controlled and monitored via MyTESY app. This way you have the comfort and freedom to always be in touch with your appliance and set its work in a manner to efficiently  save electrical energy. The large range of powers, covering heating area up to 32 m2 gives a solution to any needs and space requirements.

Discover TESY panel convectors  

in Augmented Reality 

AirSafe function

Better air hygiene with 98% less viruses and bacteria

Cloud technology

Easy and intuitive Internet control with the MyTESY app

ErP Compliant

Maximum seasonal energy


Slim design

Modern slim design, suitable for any interior

AirSafe purifying function

for air with 98% less viruses and bacteria *

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